Irish animator Tomm Moore has already been nominated for an Academy Award two other times for his two other movies 2009’s “The Secret of Kells” and 2014’s “The Song of the Sea.” His newest effort, “Wolfwalkers,” which you can stream for free with an Apple+ subscription, will earn his third nomination.

While I anticipate Pixar’s “Soul” to be quite good, my guess is that the breathtakingly beautiful “Wolfwalkers” will end up being my favorite animated feature in 2020 and likely would end up in the top 10 for all movies made.

This truly is a gorgeous looking movie.

It tells the story of a young girl named Robyn from England who moves with her father, a hunter, to Kilkenny, Ireland. His job is to provide the village, set in 1650, from the wolves that lurk in the forest.

Robyn soon discovers that one of the wolves with green eyes is actually a little girl with a wild bush of red hair. She is a wolfwalker named Mebh, which is kind of like a werewolf, but somewhat different. When she falls asleep at night, her soul leaves her body and turns into a wolf that roams the forest. Her human body remain asleep until the wolf disappears into her body in the morning.

Mebh’s mother is comatose, forever asleep, due to her wolf form being captured in a cave by an evil ruler of the village who plans on burning down the forest to kill all the wolves.

The Celtic music is subtle but moving and the animation is top notch. The characters look like hand drawn ink sketches and the backgrounds look like oil paintings. There are stills from this movie you’d want to frame and put on your wall. It looks that good.

There’s a killer song, “Running with the Wolves” by Norwegian singer Aurora, that should get nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars.

If you enjoyed Moore’s other works, this new film is no exception. Kids will be entertained and so will the parents. Highly recommended.

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